Local schools empower students to make a difference this Halloween!

The 4th annual Halloween Candy Drive has come to an end. The candy has been collected, the counting process has begun and then we will move on to the next phase which invites volunteers to use their own time, talents and our newly collected treasures (candy) to create goodie bags for staff and families caring for critically ill children at Boston Children’s Hospital.

While businesses across the area were inspiring their community to donate their beloved Halloween Candy, a variety of schools across Massachusetts welcomed The B Fund’s efforts and introduced the concepts to students.

The B Fund’s school program invites educators and parents to take the concept of our drive a step further by empowering student to take action by giving back to a community in need, learning to distinguish the difference between candy with or without nuts and highlighting the importance of food safety. This was accomplished by inviting students to:

  • Determine the amount of candy they were going to donate and then inspecting each piece to ensure the packaging was intact.
  • Sort the candy into three piles: candy with nuts, candy without nuts and non-edible treats. While keeping these piles separate, students were instructed to place no more than 20 pieces of candy into one Ziploc bag.
  • Lastly, students personalized their efforts by including a note of well wishes to families caring for critically ill children.

In the end, the results were incredible and it was wonderful to see how each school added their own personalized touch when executing the program. It was clear students walked away feeling great about their actions and empowered they were able to use their own time, talents and treasures to make a difference.

The B Fund extends a heartfelt thanks to the participating schools, their staff and parent volunteers. Your actions were kind, brave and we are grateful.

Participating Schools

Potter Road Elementary School: Framingham, MA.

Hills & Falls Nursery School: Newton, MA. 

Lincoln-Hancock School: Quincy, MA.

Ernest F. Upham School:  Wellesley, MA.

Horatio H. Hunnewell School: Wellesley, MA. 

Tenacre Country Day School: Wellesley, MA.

Woodland Elementary School: Weston, MA.

Country Elementary School: Weston, MA.

Field Elementary School: Weston, MA.

Weston Windows Preschool: Weston, MA