Over 3,500 participants donated an estimated 65,298 pieces of Halloween Candy as they participated in The B Fund’s 4th Annual Halloween Candy Drive, a week long initiative inviting children and families to imagine what the difference one small piece of candy can make in the lives of those in need. 

Thanks to businesses, schools and families across the New England area, Trick or Treaters were enlightened that their beloved candy was not only delicious, it also had the ability to make a difference as The B Fund contributed $.25 to Boston Children’s Hospital for each piece of candy kids donated from their personal stash. *donation up to $10,000

To date, The B Fund’s Halloween Candy Drive has raised $41,500 and has inspired over 7,000 children across Massachusetts to make a difference in the lives of families caring for critically ill children. 

 “The candy drive was not only a meaningful way to support Boston Children’s Hospital, but it also brought inspiration, motivation and a sense of pride to all who donated their candy to make a difference in the lives of those in need, states Rebecca Skoler, age 12.”

 *Donation up to $10, 000

So.. what's next? Participating schools and families are inspiring children to use their own TIME and TALENTS to inspect and sort the donated TREASURES (candy) into two groups: with nuts and one without. From there, bags containing 20 pieces of candy are created for staff members and families caring for critically ill children at Boston Children’s Hospital. Each bag is personalized with a handwritten note of encouragement, well wishes and/or a simple thank you for all their hard work. To date, 2,301 bags (and counting) have been created and will be delivered by December 15th.

A special thank you to volunteers, families, schools and businesses who joined our growing group of brave and compassionate individuals looking to shine a light on families in need. The B Fund is GRATEFUL for you!  

Calypso St. Barth:  The Street – Chestnut Hill, MA. 

The Cottage: The Street – Chestnut Hill, MA. 

Ku De Ta: The Street – Chestnut Hill, MA. 

Polarn O. Pyret: The Street – Chestnut Hill, MA. 

Ronsky’s: The Street – Chestnut Hill, MA

Bach to Rock: Wellesley, MA

BTone Fitness: Wellesley & Sudbury, MA.

Gretta Luxe: Wellesley, MA.

Wellesley Toy Shop: Wellesley, MA.

 The Cottage Wellesley


Potter Road Elementary School: Framingham, MA.

Hills & Falls Nursery School: Newton, MA. 

Lincoln-Hancock School: Quincy, MA.

Ernest F. Upham School:  Wellesley, MA.

Horatio H. Hunnewell School: Wellesley, MA. 

Tenacre Country Day School: Wellesley, MA.

Woodland Elementary School: Weston, MA.

Country Elementary School: Weston, MA.

Field Elementary School: Weston, MA.

Weston Windows Preschool: Weston, MA