The B Fund is excited to share with you the news of The B Fund Beanie, created by The 3rd Piece, a coveted accessory company that specializes in hand-knit statement pieces founded by Carina Donoso and Kristen Lambert.  As part of their Giving Pieces campaign, 20% of The B Fund Beanie sales will benefit The B Fund’s efforts to empower kids of all ages to take action by using their time, talents and treasures to support families caring for critically ill children.

Personally, I was introduced to The 3rd Piece a few years ago and found their hand-made products beautiful. After learning more about the company, I was moved by their ability to spark creativity in others and empower people to knit. Whether someone attends one of their knit nights or they choose to purchase the tools to create a product through their “Made By You” concept, it was clear to me The 3rd Piece was on to more than just keeping people warm, cozy and fashionable with these incredible pieces.

In case you were not aware, knitting has a variety of health benefits to offer.  As a matter of fact, some say knitting can produce a relaxed state similar to meditation and yoga. First, the rhythmic motions and sense of focus alleviate stress, while sitting and engaging in the process improves motor skills, reduces your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure.  According to the Mayo Clinic, those who engage in crafts (including knitting) are about 30-50% less likely to have a “mild cognitive impairment” than those who don’t. Lastly, knitting creates community by bringing like-minded people together to make a difference in their own life or the lives of others. 

Check out The B Fund Beanie and all the other products The 3rd Piece has to offer.

Happy shopping and who knows… Happy knitting!