Birthday girl aims to provide some fun for kids in the hospital

Meet Koko, an 8 year old girl full of energy who loves life to the fullest. We had the opportunity to sit down with this vivacious playful girl and learn more about her desire to use her time, talents and treasures to shine a light on kids in the hospital.

NAME: Koko
AGE: 8
THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME: Kind, smart and confident

GOAL FOR 2016:  I want to create 100 BE BAGS!

WHAT IS A BE BAG?  A BE BAG is a magical gift filled with fun activities and games that provide a distraction to patients at Boston Children’s Hospital as they wait to see a doctor or undergo a treatment. To date, 500 BE BAGS have been created and have been placed on ambulances and on various floors throughout the hospital to give to kids.

Another great thing about making BE BAGS is creating them and sometimes it takes an army of people to help! We get to pick the activities and toys that go into the bag and then write a note or draw a picture for the recipient. The whole process is so much fun and I must say that it feels great to be able to help others! 


- I will hold a BE BAG supply drive on my 8th birthday. I am hoping my family and friends consider donating to my BE BAG supply drive.

- Once the drive is complete, I will invite my family and friends over to help sort and create these great gifts that will be delivered to Boston Children’s Hospital.

HOW CAN PEOPLE HELP: Helping is really easy! The B Fund created a wish list on AMAZON. You can find it by clicking this link: If you have questions, you can also email [email protected] 

THAT SOUNDS TERRIFIC AND WE WISH YOU LUCK! ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO TELL US? Yes! I believe in kindness and that music has magical powers! Oh.... and I wish to be a pop-star too! 

Thank you Koko! Good luck with you efforts. If YOU are someone who is looking to make a difference, share your story by emailing us: [email protected]