A SWEET Success!

Just a few days ago, people from all over came to our SWEET SALE looking for wonderful treasures and from the looks of it, those who attended were quite pleased. 

The goal of our Sweet Sale was to empower our 2016 Eversource Walk For Kids TEAM, and whoever else wanted to join our efforts, to use their very own TIME and/or TALENTS to create TREASURES to sell at our sale. 

 I am pleased to report that we were able to inspire and empower 65 kids and their families to use their TIME, TALENTS and/or TREASURES to benefit families caring for sick children.

As you will see below, preparing for this event from start to finish was a true sign of TEAM WORK:

TIME:  Participants logged a total of 139 hours prepping for the event.

TALENTS:  Our bakers produced 540 individually wrapped treats and 7 cakes.  While our artists created over25 Rainbow Loom bracelets, over a dozen “duck tape” MUST –HAVE items, bodyscrubs and two beautiful piecesof art. Last but not least, event attendees created 50 beautiful hand-made get well soon cards that will bedistributed to patients at Boston Children’s Hospital. 

  TREASURES: After all was said and done, our TWO-hour event raised $1,105.

Thank you for helping make the event so successful! Whether you used your TIME and TALENTS to create a TREASURE, encouraged friends to attend, took a moment out of your day to wish us well, empowered your child to get involved, attended the event and purchased a few new TREASURES of your own... together our efforts are changing lives and shining a light on families caring for critically ill children.

To learn more about the 2016 Eversource Walk Team, visit: http://fundraise.childrenshospital.org/site/TR/Walk/Walk?team_id=5606&pg=team&fr_id=1430