BE Informed: World Health Day 2015

Today is World Health Day and this year's theme is food safety. After talking with several people about this wonderful initiative, it became clear many of us were unsure where our food came from and left us wondering if the food we used to fuel our body was safe? 

Thankfully the team over at the World Health Organization is raising awareness and educating the public on the importance of food safety. 

Were you aware that millions of people fall ill every year and many die as a result of eating unsafe food? Diarrhoeal diseases alone kill an estimated 1.5 million children annually, and most of these illnesses are attributed to contaminated food or drinking water.

Thankfully, proper food preparation can prevent most foodborne diseases and below are the World Health 

Organization's 5 keys to safer food: 

1. Keep clean, wash your hands
2. Separate raw and cooked foods
3. Keep food at safe temperatures
4. Cook thoroughly
5. Use safe water and raw materials

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Be Informed, Be Healthy and remember: From Farm to Plate, Help Keep Food Safe