Who wants to be brave, kind and shine a light on families in need?

Welcome to The B Fund's blog.

We are thrilled and grateful you have taken your first step towards joining our growing group of brave and compassionate individuals, who through various acts of kindness, aim to help those in need. 

At The B Fund, our mission is to inspire individuals through education and activities that empower all to BE the change that will transform the world. We are committed to help educate and empower individuals to grow a culture of caring for others and simply BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF GIVING.

Proceeds from The B Fund benefit Boston Children’s Hospital and their efforts to support families caring for critically ill children. 

Our blog will serve as our voice and we welcome you on our journey as we share our greatest BE INFORMED topics, BE INSPIRED moments and our BE INVOLVED activities. Over time we hope you enjoy learning about the who, what, when, where and why's of The B Fund. 

Join us as we take the necessary actions to empower ourselves, inspire others and shine a light on families in need.

In closing, we will you leave you with one last thought. 

Today at The B Fund, we aim to be BRAVE.

What will you be?