lemon-AID & sweet sale

“When life gives you Lemons, The B Fund provides you with
Lemon-AID and some delicious sweets.” 

Participating in our Lemon-AID & Sweet Sale is a wonderful opportunity to empower a child or a group of kids to use their time, talents and treasures to support families caring for critically ill children.

Whether you decide to make this activity a family activity that happens on the first Wednesday of every month or you decide to bring an entire community together with the hopes of shining a light on families in need, the choice is entirely yours. Our comprehensive tool-kit walks you through the entire activity and provides you with everything you need from start to finish. All you need to do is decide the “Who, What, Where and When?

Using your time, talents and treasures to help others has never been so easy to do!

To learn more or request to receive a copy of our Lemon-AID & Sweet Sale Resource Kit, please fill out our sign-up form here.